The Firm

Marcus Valverde Sociedade de Advogados believes in the creation of wealth and prosperity for its clients through the protection of their interests and the pursue of excellence in the rendering of legal services.

We believe in a legal practice that is based on integrity, high technical capabilities, the development of our clients and the relentless self- and professional improvement of our people. Our team believes in the daily, continued and persistent overcoming of challenges for the fulfillment of ambitious goals.

The firm offers highly personalized and specialized legal services, by investigating and thoroughly understanding the interests involved, as well as all factual and legal matters relevant to the in-depth resolution of the legal issues presented by its clients.

Another distinguishing trait of the firm is the typical use of negotiation techniques and frameworks in the resolution of legal issues with stakeholders and counterparties. The personal, academic and professional backgrounds of the firm’s attorneys have also made them an excellent fit for working together with foreign clients, and/or for assistance in legal matters of a transnational nature.